Emily Dawson

owner, event stylist, floral designer

Hello, and thank you for visiting us here at All Grand Events. I’m Emily Dawson, the event stylist, floral designer, and boss lady behind this East Lansing-based boutique.  I’ve always been someone with big dreams who has the loving support of family and friends to make these dreams come true.  Owning a business that showcases and designs beautiful things truly defines who I am as both a leader and a professional creative.  I believe organization is the key to success, and you will always get the best results by treating an event as if it were your own, and your clients as if they are family.

If you can believe it, I went to school and got my Bachelor’s Degree from Michigan State University in Psychology and my Master’s Degree from MSU in Criminal Justice.  Deep down I’ll always believe I knew I belonged in the business world, and didn’t discover my absolute passion for the creative world until I began working for All Grand Events in 2011.  By January of 2013, everything came together perfectly, and my previously unknown dreams of owning a creative business became a reality, and since that Tuesday I haven’t gone a day without a smile on my face, the realization of how lucky I am, and zero regret in my heart.

I love a flawlessly designed event. I love when the gratitude from a client is so overwhelming it’s hard to contain. Most of all, I love flowers. As much as I love sitting and styling linen and chair combinations, nothing will ever compare to the natural beauty of a fresh cut flower. I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world to be able to work with such gorgeous creations and make them into something even more beautiful.

What makes me who I am are the people and things I love.  First, and foremost, my amazingly supportive husband, Tyler, without whom this business and my life would not be what it is today. Thank you and I love you. We live in East Lansing with our three adorable kitties, Dexter, Zumaya, and Clementine, and the sweetest baby girl in the entire world, Caroline.  Our lives truly became complete on New Year’s Day 2017 when we welcomed our first daughter into the world.  She is perfect, and amazing in every way. She was the one thing we never knew we always wanted.  We enjoy spending time at home with our baby, exploring new thing through her fresh little eyes, traveling, eating, playing volleyball, watching too much TV, and supporting our Spartans! Go Green!  I have an incredibly close family who help me in more ways I can count, and I love them more than anything in the world.  My mom, especially, does so much for our family personally and professionally that I will never be able to properly show my gratitude.

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